Accessing all 12 of our Chakras

[This article written by David Malin, was first published in the leading British magazine of Integrative & Complementary Medicine, Positive Health, over 15 years ago. Sadly, many of the positive changes on our planet noted below at the time this was written, have been reversed in the past number of years, since about 2016. So although for some, much of the positive changes mentioned below, still holds true, however for a very large number of the Earth’s population there is a reversal of this progress, as we appear to be headed back into the “Dark Ages”. Thus it is doubly important that those of us with more conscious awareness, work extra diligently to heal ourselves and let our light shine strong as a beacon to others during these stormy times, doing our part to help heal the planet.] 

During recent years in our search for health and well-being, we may have noticed some very profound changes occurring both within us and around us in our world. We may feel that the roller coaster of life has accelerated exponentially in the past few years. Some of us may have experienced a buzzing or a quickening, making our nervous system to feel like it has overloaded or short-circuited. This ride may seem exhilarating like it has taken off into new and uncharted dimensions; or it may feel compressive like it has derailed burrowing deep down into the earth, leaving us to feel like we can barely move or breath. Perhaps we have experienced both extremes. In short we may be sensing that something different is happening in our world and within us, but we may not have the words, the right lens, or a paradigm to understand it. 

The lens of modern physics, based on the theories of relativity and quantum mechanics among others things, helps explain how time is being compressed. Astrology offers another lens describing a convergence of celestial energies amplifying the process of change during our current stage of human and planetary evolution. Ancient predictions from various aboriginal cultures, which include from the Mayan Calendar and the Bible’s Book of Revelations to mention two sources, offer additional lens for viewing what we may all be experiencing one way or another. 

I have found that the chakra system, with which I have worked for 30 years and related to the electro-magnetic fields of our aura, provides yet another lens for understanding our times and our current human condition. Over the past 10 years I have observed an extremely profound change in the very nature of the chakra system itself –a change that has significantly accelerated in the past 5 years. However in just the last year or two this acceleration, as measured by changes in the chakras, has been amplified to “warp speed”.

 Many are familiar with the word “chakra” and may know of a system of 7 chakras. What I have noticed from observing tens of thousands of people’s chakras over the years, is that we as human beings are rapidly evolving, as is our planet. We are coming more and more into phase with additional chakras (additional to the 7 better known ones), as we are becoming more whole and better able to access our 12 main chakras. This evolution involves coming more into phase with the Earth Mother’s energy, for we as a race have been very much out of touch with this aspect of our origin. The 5000 year-old Chinese Book of Changes, talks about Yin and Yang, or Heaven and Earth. We have for too long been fixated with our Heaven source or origin and thus have become disconnected from our Earth source or origin. The additional 5 chakras of the 12 chakra system have: expanded the more limited 7 chakra system, are Earth-based, fill in the gaps of our being, and reside in between the 7 traditional chakras. It is as if these aspects of our soul potential have not until recently been able to come into phase with us. For the vibrational frequency on the planet has been long polarized toward the Yang (masculine side) and is now coming into phase with the Yin (feminine side). 

Not only are more and more people now able to connect with these additional Earth-based chakras (without necessarily being aware of doing so), but people are also having a greater number of their chakras open or present. It was previously the case for a very long time, that most of the human race was operating with only about 10% of their chakras present. About 3 to 5 years ago this dramatically increased to about 15% and in the past year or two has even further increased to closer to 20% of our chakra energy coming through or being present. There also appears to be a strong correlation between these figures and estimates of how much of our brains we are utilizing. In other word whereas most of us have been just barely getting by, we are now calling into our being more of our spirit or soul essence, which may be activating more of our brains.

So what does this all mean? Generally speaking many of us have been healing our hearts and thus accessing more of our heart chakras, of which there are three. Many of us are also deepening our connection with the Earth Mother, allowing more of these Earth-based chakras to open up. So there is hope, for even as our outer world seems more crazy and chaotic, more of us are starting to heal on the inside allowing more of our chakras to be present. Much of this healing is occurring in our emotional and spiritual bodies which are more Yin or feminine in polarity, versus our more Yang (masculine polarity) physical and mental bodies which have previously received all the focus. It is this transition, as we begin to come out of polarity and into the balance of our wholeness, that is creating much of the upheavals that we are now experiencing in both our inner and outer worlds. So as we learn to come more into balance with both our masculine and feminine sides, we will continue to increase our access to all 12 of our chakras. We will thus have a better connection to the wholeness of ourselves, providing an anchor within each of us to help heal the planet.