allow all of you to shine

physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually

David Malin, DD, PT
Offering 45 years of experience in the Healing Arts, treating wholistically the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies to increase the flow of one’s vital life force.

David has worked in the Healing Arts since 1977, since his first training/certification in Polarity Therapy. He further trained and was certified in Massage Therapy and Gestalt Therapy (a dynamic form of individual and group psychotherapy), apprenticed with a senior Osteopath and several Spiritual Healers. In 1982 David completed a BA in Biology, Psychology & Physics, followed by a second Bachelor’s Degree in 1984, receiving a BS in Physical Therapy, being licensed in Colorado as a PT since that time. Over the next 25 years David studied advanced assessment and treatment techniques from experienced practitioners all over the world, as well as learning to read the aura and chakras using his hands to assess. He developed his Multidimensional Approach To Healing (Body MATH), teaching and publishing in professional journals worldwide and was featured on national TV. Around 2005, having moved from Boulder to Colorado’s western slope, David changed his focus from traveling and teaching, attended Seminary in Utah receiving a Doctor of Divinity Degree (through the Order of Compassionate Service), and writing his book: EMBRACING CHANGE, Transforming Life’s Challenges with Courage and Grace (published by Beaufort Books, NY). He has worked as a Hospice Chaplain as well as a PT helping seniors at end of life and those with disability in rural Colorado.

At this time David is offering his services, from his vast experience in the Healing Arts, to those that are interested and motivated to work on their own healing with his help. Treatment will be both hands-on and energetic depending on the level and depth of any given restriction, and may involve working with the nervous system, cranium, viscera/organs, or musculoskeletal structures. His work with the energy field is always well grounded in the anatomy and physiology of the body. He may energetically test for herbs and supplements or make up patient-specific remedies to help promote healing. David has an office in Ridgway and Telluride Colorado and is also available to work long distance over the phone.

What a visit may include

An initial visit will take 75 to 90 minutes, allowing time to review pivotal events from start of life. David will be applying a lens of assessing the chakras on four layers of the aura to learn what came through the incarnation process and what events enhanced or diminished one's vital light/life force. He will then address the issue(s) of present time, working to release restrictions to allow the light to better shine through. Subsequent visits may be shorter in length, following up from previous session(s), with David’s focus always to allow more chakras to shine through as well as to stabilize the gains made through more hands-on work or teaching self-healing techniques. For some, learning about themselves through the lens of the chakras will not be as important as simply to feel better. In such cases David will spend less time explaining and mostly focus on releasing pertinent restrictions in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These sessions will be shorter, with individuals who just want help with a problem/issue and not feeling a need to follow David's methodology. Whereas for others with a greater desire to understand and work to enhance their chakra presence, more time will be spent on teaching self-healing techniques. So whether it's a shorter session to simply address a given issue or problem with focus on a more quick fix (realignment), or a longer session required to address a more difficult, complex or involved issue, David will still share important insights for one to consider from a wholistic perspective. He may be using one or several of the following hands-on approaches, on or off the physical body: • releasing mechanical or soft tissue restrictions from injuries or long standing, compensatory holding patterns • balancing tissue tension impacting the healthy function of the musculoskeletal, visceral, neurovascular and lymphatic systems • balancing the nervous system to fears, phobias, unhealthy attractions and pain responses by setting up circuits of release • clearing invasive energetic/psychic intrusions interfering with one’s health and well-being • creating or activating personalized remedies tested from a vast array of flower essences, homeopathic and numeric frequencies • testing for nutritional supplements or herbal tinctures to determine which may be of help at a given time (David tests utilizing both kinesiology/muscle testing as well as energetically through the chakra system.) • double-blind chakra testing for spiritual input with major life decisions • providing spiritual counseling individually as well as relationship counseling • creating a Circle of Grace healing, utilizing one’s friends & family to assist • Endo-Nasal Sphenoid Release (ESR), powerful multidimensional procedure And in all cases David will be wholistically assessing and addressing restrictions on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to help one’s light better shine through.

Circle of Grace for Individual Healing

This method of healing can be used to help anyone in need, be it for a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue or any combination. An individual, or friend/family member on behalf of the individual in need of healing, may simply asks for help (contacts David to schedule) and finds a minimum of 5 people willing to assist in the Circle of Grace for the person in need. So David plus 5 or more others will make up the Circle, the individual needing help being in the center. The whole process will take about an hour with David first spending about 15 minutes in private with the person to receive the group healing, talking/clearing/balancing/preparing the person to receive healing grace. Then he will spend about 15 minutes preparing the 5 or more people helping in the Circle as to what will be involved, with the rest of the time being in the Circle of Grace. Those participating in the Circle often may experience healing as well, by just participating. David is available to go to an individual’s home or appropriate location when necessary for this. For more information about the Circle of Grace, click here as David leads such Circles for Planetary Healing as well.

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Long distance session by phone

David is also available to work with individuals long distance by phone providing spiritual counseling reading one's aura, chakras and current restrictions. He has worked as a Medical Intuitive helping people by phone and continues to help people heal long distance by facilitating the release of energetic restrictions that are blocking the flow of their vital life force. Long distance he is also available to help look at critical life choices from a spiritual level, determining through a double-blind method, which choice brings up more of one's light (vital life force) through assessing the chakras. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please go to the contact section below.

Cost and Location

David's services are based on his hourly fee which is $200/hr for those seeing him at his Ridgway office. An initial visit will take longer to go in one's history and life issues, as well as allowing time to address the current issues presenting. Typically this will be an hour and 1/4 to hour and 1/2 long. After the initial visit the follow-up visits could be scheduled to be a shorter session based on 15 minute increments. David fee at his Telluride office or for phone consults is $300/hr. He keeps his cost lower in Ridgway in order to support the local community and for those that travel from out of town to see him to help offset travel expenses. (This is the same fee he was charging for his services 25 years ago in his practice in Boulder.) Hours are by appointment only. Cash, check or credit cards are all accepted. Ridgway office address: 195 S Lena St. #B Ridgway, CO 81432 Telluride office address: 398 S Davis St. Telluride, CO 81435

For more information or to schedule an appointment please email David.